Edy Magic




Edgar “Edy Magic” Lagares was Born and raised in Brazil. He moved to San Francisco California at the age of seventeen. Since a young age he has been fascinated with music, sound and electronics. Edy wanted a change for his life and future so in early 2009, he moved to New York to start a new career in audio engineering and music production. He enrolled in a program at the Institute of Audio Research and that’s where he truly found his passion for working behind the scenes. While still attending the program at IAR he started interning at JahRock'n Productions in Brooklyn. Edy was full of determination to break into the music industry he was balancing work, school, internship, and very little sleep. Through it all he excelled, graduating with best Mix of his class.

Shortly after graduating from IAR Edy became JahRock’n Productions main recording engineer. However his passion and drive for music never stopped and he quickly began to hone his skills not only in recording but also in production, mixing and mastering, eventually becoming the lead mixing engineer for the company. Edy got his nickname "Magic" from an artist that said: "You're so fast it's like magic, we should call you Edy magic" and it stuck. Edy Magic has worked with hundreds of artists from around the world since he first started back in 2009. His mixes and projects have been heard from Brazil, China, Africa to the Middle East and many more. His work has also been on the billboard charts and featured on prominent shows such as "Hot97", “ESPN’s First Take” and "BET Music Matters".