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Terms and Conditions

Terms And Conditions

This page was established so that clear details and guidelines for the services provided by Edy Magic may be understood. Both Edy Magic (the company) and you (the client) are held accountable to the terms and conditions of this document. Company's policies & standards are expected to be followed by EVERY client. Company's policies, standards & rates are subject to change at anytime.


Edy Magic will always make sure that any personal information collected by its staff or any other third party services used by the company will always secure our clients personal information. We are here to serve & we promise to that at our highest abilities to protect you & your personal information.


Edy Magic acknowledges that all Songs, Albums, EPs, Music Compositions, Creations & any other intellectual properties belong to THE CLIENT(S). 

Edy Magic has no ownership (As in Copyright & or Publishing Rights) in any of your intellectual property.


Edy Magic assures every client that any method of file transferring we choose to use will ALWAYS be safe & secure for both the company & client. Whether the client(s) is sending files to company, or the company is sending files to the client(s), we will ALWAYS use safe & secure file transferring platforms for our services.


If you are hiring Edy Magic for Mixing, Mastering or any of our other audio services that we provide, we require all of our clients to PAY ALL FEES UP FRONT (We may allow payments to be broken up into 2 invoices depending on the amount of the payment). This means we will require 50% down to get the job started & then the other 50% when the job is completed in order for your music to be released to you.

Payments for services must be delivered to Edy Magic BEFORE WORK IS STARTED, if we don't receive the payment your project does not go on the schedule until we do and that most likely will affect your deadline.             

(We will send you the invoices to your e-mail).



Our Standard turnaround time is 5 – 7 business days.

Express turnaround time is 1 – 3 business days but It’s an additional $25.00 Per Song. No exceptions! (This is only offered for Mastering only, NOT Mixing)

If there are more than 3 songs that needs Mixing, a deadline must be agreed on by the company and the client(s).


                                                                                                 This section will clearly tell you how to prepare you project for Mixing and Mastering.                                                                                                         We want all of our clients to know how vital preparing your recording(s) for the mixing process is.


1. Please be sure to label ALL YOUR FILES CORRECTLY. This means that if you have a kick drum label it “KICK”, If you have a snare drum label it “SNARE”, if you have your Lead vocal  for the verses label it “LEAD VERSE”, etc.

 2. Please be sure to send ALL FILES AS WAVE OR AIFF FILES! This will ensure us that we are working with the highest resolution to make your recording(s) sound the best that it can be!

  3. Whatever resolution your recording(s) were originally recorded in, leave it as is. Meaning if it was recorded at: “24-bit at 48000 kHz” then make sure the files are bounced at the same rate. (If you don't understand this make sure you talk to your recording engineer about it)

4. (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT) Please make sure that EVERY FILE is in place of ENTIRE length of the song and all files starts at the beginning of the session. What this means is that we should be able to insert your files into a session and it’s automatically in place. (For artists that Buy tracks from beat makers): Make sure that the track outs of the beat matches the format you want for your song.  It’s YOUR job to make sure this is correct. We want to spend as much time possible on making sure your recording(s) sound amazing and being creative with it.

5. DO NOT send tracks that are distorted. A great mix starts with a great recording. Please take the time to do some gain staging enough to make sure every file is not clipping or distorted.

6. Make sure that true Mono tracks are sent Mono, and Stereo files are sent as Stereo. Once again we don’t want to take away any more time from the mixing process.

7. DO NOT TRY TO MIX YOUR RECORDING(S). This is what you hired us for. Please send your files just as they were recorded. We do ask that you keep any creative effects that you might want to keep it that way also any Vocal Tuning you have done. For for Hip-Hop artists: drop outs and stutters, in your music. We want to enhance your vision, not take away from it. Make sure  you list any edit requests that you have.

8. IT IS MANDATORY THAT YOU SEND A REFERENCE MIX OF YOUR SONG. We want to be able to hear your song before we start mixing it to get an idea of how you want it to sound like. This is not mandatory but we'd like you to send as many other references of songs that out that you might want your song to sound like, example: if you like the vocal effects on a certain song or you want the drums to sound like this song and etc. 

9. Please COMP AND CONSOLIDATE YOUR TRACKS, this means to keep all your verse Lead vocal on 1 track(File) and your Chorus Lead vocal on 1 track(File), So make sure all the punches are clean and are all in the same track(File) or if there are 2 different hi hats make sure they are on 2 different tracks(Files). DO NOT send multiple tracks combined on 1 track(File), this is why the reference mix of you song is important.


We ask that revisions be sent in a e-mail, in a bullet point format. We ask that you take a day or two to listen to the mix in different systems and different environments, that way it puts you in a position to really listen to the mix & make an exact detailed list of things you want us to change or to take a different approach. If there's any issues that are better discussed on the phone we can set up a day and time to have a call and talk about it.

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