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Working with Edy was an awesome experience. Collaborating with him was very rewarding. I appreciated working with a producer who was willing to work with my ideas as the artist and not change them. In the challenging moments he was supportive and encouraging and didn’t have a problem working late hours to get the job done. I’m super excited for the next project!!
— Erica Alcover, Singer

I met Edy Magic I few years ago on a spontaneous road trip to New York. I have always admired his gifts and talents but I was blown away when I heard what he did to my song, He surpassed my expectations. As an indie artist honestly I am never sure how my song is supposed to sound like, He showed me what my song sounded like before and after he did his magic and it just brought a level of professionalism that I’ve never had before. Edy was Real Easy to work with, He was very attentive and got back to me immediately. There’s was no huge gaps of silence or non communication. Everyone follow him immediately, He also has a pretty cool logo too.
— Hector Dominguez, Rapper

Edy Magic put my music on another level, the results were beyond my expectations. Working with Edy gave me another perspective about details and time, now I know exactly what I should spend my time and energy on. It Was really incredible. What i like the most was Edy’s perspective about my music and His initiative to implement His vision into my project while respecting my opinions and concepts. I will definitely recommend Edy Magic to other artists.

Hands down Edy Magic is one of the greatest Audio & Mixing Engineers I’ve ever worked with! Edy is amazingly talented. Both his creativity & knowledge both are very vast, he brings his taste to the table, But who cares if you’re the most talented person but not a Professional! Edy Magic is a true Professional! Hire this guy to Mix your records!!
— Kyren Monteiro, Mastering Engineer (Social Club Misfits, Tedashii, Gawvi, KB, MC Jin, K-Drama, Fedel, Serge, & many more)

I worked with Edy Magic so many times and the outcome was always better than I expected. Besides good mixing, I love that he provided ideas that can make a song better, such as a tweak in transition part. He has good music taste and patience to work long hours for perfect results. More importantly, he is humble and willing to communicate and exchange ideas with artists. The process working with him was extremely pleasant. I recommended him to several artists already and I will definitely do the same in the future.
— Hao, Rapper

Edy helped me step outside of the box and take risks when I wasn’t sure about the direction I wanted to go into. I loved the outcome of my project, the sound and process exceeded my expectations! His laughter and excitement is contagious and kept me energized and fueled throughout the project.
I had lots of fun working with Edy, his kind and laid-back personality made it easy to receive honest feedback. it was a great learning experience for me. I learned more about my vocal and writing ability.
I absolutely recommend working with Edy!!! He is an amazing person and a dope engineer.
— Naomi Ruth, Singer

Working with Edy was a wonderful experience, He is knowledgeable and professional and bought a wealth of wisdom. His suggestions were in context and enhanced the end product. What i like the most about working with Edy is His dedication to the finished product. I Would definitely recommend Edy to other artists.
— Fedel, Rapper

Working with Edy is easy breezy. As an in-demand voiceover artist who works with large entertainment firms and production companies, I require the skills of a seasoned, proficient, unruffled production engineer for all of my sessions. My clients often require phone patch sessions so they may hear me and give me direction during my session. Edy has always been uber professional whenever my director has asked anything of him, never appearing frazzled. In addition, he is patient, attentive to any flaws in my vocals and understanding of my desire to “get the perfect take.” We’ve worked from 15-second punch ins to hours of tedious audio book recordings together. He still brings to the job the same level of consistency. He’s the perfect engineer to have at your side for hefty work.
— Tiffani Knowles, Voiceover Artist

Working with Edy on my very first EP project was truly a great experience! He gave great feedback, and helped create a comfortable recording environment. His encouragement throughout the process was something I appreciated so much! I would definitely recommend him to other artists!
— Kei-Landa, Singer/Rapper

I enjoyed working with Edy Magic on my latest project, Luminary! He mixed one of the songs and did a phenomenal job! He has a great ear for instrument arrangement, effects and editing. He was able to make my vocals sound very clear and the overall mix was extremely professional! One of the best features about working with Edy is his turnaround time. He was able to finish the mix within 2 days. I highly recommend Edy Magic for your mixing needs!
— Devin Turner, Rapper